Fuel Your Merchants: Swift Cash Advances for Merchants Embracing Digital Payments.

Championing SME growth through innovative and swift financial solutions, harnessing the potential of AI and digital payment insights.

A Win-Win situation

An embedded solution to propel both your sellers and your business to new heights.

Deepen Relationships

Deepen your engagement with sellers by extending crucial financial support.

Unlock Additional Revenue

Tap into a new revenue channel with each advance

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Set your platform apart and attract growth-focused sellers seeking financial backing.

An Embedded Solution

That does the heavy lifiting


AI-driven, sales-based

Flexible, Seamless & Secure Integration

Compatible with a wide range of systems and platforms.


Ensuring adherence to financial regulations.

User-Centric Design

An intuitive interface that empowers merchants, promoting efficiency and growth.

Tailored & Innovative Solutions

Designed to easily integrate and embed itself within your systems.

Risk-Free Revenue Boost

Secure platform with shared revenue gains.

Resolving Pain Points

Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of any economy, yet they often face hurdles in accessing the financing they need to expand and thrive. The most frequently cited barrier to growth is this lack of available, accessible finance.

At RECV, we understand that traditional lending processes can be daunting, time-consuming, and not tailored to SMEs. That’s why we are committed to transforming the SME lending landscape. We’ve innovated a process that leverages advanced technologies to deliver swift, seamless financing solutions. Our approach is designed to eliminate the complex and arduous procedures associated with traditional finance.

Our mission is to empower SMEs with swift, easy access to funds, enabling them to focus on what they do best - growing their businesses.


Financing is Critical

― Billion


Credit gap exists for SMEs in the GCC region, signalling a massive unmet need for financing solutions.

― Percent


Of all micro, small and medium-sized businesses lack access to credit, limiting their potential to grow

― Percent


Of SMEs encounter cash flow problems, highlighting the critical need for flexible, swift financing.

Let’s Drive SME Growth Together

Ready to redefine the lending experience for SMEs? Reach out to us and let’s discuss how we can collaborate to bring innovative solutions to the market.